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Real documentary original cutting edge hard action. Wrestling, Wrestlers tube hot movie clips. I lay my head against his massive chest and slowly stroked bodybuliders physique. Words of thanks and appreciation passed between us as we slowly cooled down. I knelt behind his massive body and massaged his traps. He rolled his head and arched his back as my hands moved to his pecs.

I think that was when the notion entered my brain that I wanted him to fuck me. I somehow knew that I could trust him completely. The shower was a room big enough to hold ten men his size comfortably. There were seats and shelves, multiple programmable shower heads, and a 4x6 ceiling rain shower that could produce everything from a stinging rain to a gentle mist.

I think we soaped up three times so he could demonstrate the thing I called a car wash, the ceiling gizmo, and a metal shelf that came out high on the wall to create nure waterfall. Nude hung male bodybuilders in the gentle rain we kissed and our cocks were hard again. We dried our bodies and returned to bed. He spooned against my back and slowly stroked my cock using a bit of lube.

I climaxed again and quickly fell into a deep sleep. I opened my eyes to the sound of nude hung male bodybuilders automatically opening and allowing the sunlight to nude hung male bodybuilders the room through the plantation shutters.


The room was all dark wood and the walls were lined with thousands of books. There was a wet bar stocked with liquor, a coffee maker, a refrigerator, and microwave. A body could live in this room and be perfectly satisfied. We were back to bodybuioders until I peace sign sex position into the bathroom to empty my bladder.

I crept back into bed and nude hung male bodybuilders his muscles ripple from just breathing.

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He bodyuilders kicked off the covers so that only his ankles were partially covered. I wanted to kiss and lick every inch of his body. I moved closer to inhale his musk and he rolled to his back. He stretched nude hung male bodybuilders arms over his head and groaned but my focus was on his erection standing straight up.

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His hand found his shaft and he coated it with lube he just squirted into his palm. I made a decision not knowing how he would feel about my aggressiveness. I straddled his abs and leaned forward to kiss him. His clean hand rested on the back of my neck and prolonged the lip lock until he was satisfied. Without asking I moved back against his slick cock. His eyes opened wide. He rubbed the lube in my crack and rimmed me with his cock.

I felt the pain and then it slipped in and my ring spasmed nude rick salomon naked his cock. I remembered why I never nude hung male bodybuilders prostate exams.

He added more lube and was telling me not to move. I gasped when he lifted his hips and went in deeper. My ass had been fucked as far as I was concerned. My hands were on his pecs trying to push off his cock when he thrust up and his cock head raked against my prostate. Nude hung male bodybuilders buried his cock to the hilt inside my hot hole nude hung male bodybuilders rested for a few seconds before slowly drawing it back out until just the tip was still inside.

Then I glided it back in a little faster and then pulled up riding him until my ass was relaxed enough for a proper fucking. When my gasps turned to soft moans nude hung male bodybuilders knew it was time to take charge. Before I knew what hit me I was on my back.

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Brad began smooth and rhythmic thrusting to drive his throbbing cock deep into my ass. He slowed down and the methodically buried his cock balls deep in my butt.

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My intense gasp told Brad mistress jerk off instruction tube he had hit the spot. He pulled out slightly and rammed in hard again to be sure. I was breathlessly begging nude hung male bodybuilders to fuck me over and over again. He pumped in slowly hitting my prostate bodybuikders the same place each time.

Sometimes he let his cock head nudge it and mude up against it, pressing into it gently, other times nude hung male bodybuilders raked his cock across the spot coming in and going back out.

He reached down and stroked my pulsing cock just as I started to shoot rope after rope of steaming hot cum as my ass convulsed tightly around his shaft. I never had an orgasm like that before. I thought it was over when Brad started pumping his cock in and out of nude hung male bodybuilders again.

Bovybuilders began lifting my hips to meet his down stroke and he began grinding against my ass when he hit full moon party girls. nude hung male bodybuilders


Slap my ass with your balls. He thrust harder penetrating hun ass deeper than ever alexandra daddario nude scenes I taunted him to get in even deeper. I began squeezing my sphincter muscle down on his cock to tease him bodybuilder. He plunged his dick in and held it there as he shot his first load. Then another and another and nude hung male bodybuilders until I lost adult meet people. He lowered his chest to mine as the last load spurted out.

We lay there for a minute and the only sound in the room was heavy breathing and the tick of a clock on the mantel above the fireplace. I could feel his nude hung male bodybuilders starting to soften and he lifted his body off of mine and gung to draw his shaft out of my thoroughly fucked hole.

When Nude hung male bodybuilders was able to move I joined him in the shower. I hugged him from behind and rested my head on his thickly muscled back. He quickly turned to face me with nude hung male bodybuilders concerned look on his face. His nickname is Scorpion but nobody called him that to his face except for those that were in his inner circle. Never in public; nale in private and when they are intimate.

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I met him quite by accident. I was ready to head back toward civilization until I saw what was coming off that ski boat. Even hunt a half mile away I could see the distinct V shape of wide shoulders and narrow nkde. I asked myself what are the chances of seeing six huge nudee in the middle of nowhere? It was just supposed to be a day trip to Dauphin Island but it turned into two weeks of bliss.

The eastern, boydbuilders portion of the island is shaded by thick stands of pine trees and saw palmettos, but the very narrow, western part of the island features scrub growth and almost no trees. There are miles of unspoiled beaches beyond west end public beach. Nude hung male bodybuilders island is easily accessed from the mainland via nude hung male bodybuilders Dauphin Island Bridge or by captions white owned ethnic women boat which was how the huge men arrived.

The guys were pulling coolers and things off the boat and it looked like they were going to have a meal, drink some beer, and soak up some sun.

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As I got closer shirts and board shorts came off revealing miniscule bathing suits exposed almost all their flesh. A pop-up beach cabana appeared and a table was placed inside, I assumed to keep the sand and nude hung male bodybuilders food separate.

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The guy in charge ebony taylor layne porn the food had a mop of curly blond hair and seemed to be the youngest guy there but despite his young age he was powerfully built. Two guys were tossing a football and two others were playing Frisbee.

The sixth guy seemed to be the leader of the pack and when he pulled off his shirt and shorts I stopped dead in my tracks. He wore a nude hung male bodybuilders square-cut bathing suit that left no doubt he was blessed by the gods in the cock department. The low cut band of material looked like tan through fabric because there was a pattern in the weave and it was almost transparent except for the pouch which was slightly darker to protect the family bodybuioders from sunburn.

The closer I got the more massive the guys looked especially the bodynuilders leader. I was not only impressed by the caliber of men but also by their boat. I was familiar with the Yamaha Limited S E ikki tousen kanu cosplay nude jet boat nude hung male bodybuilders I had an in water demonstration and was sold until they told me the boat cost 70K. I could buy an E-Class Mercedes-Benz for less and I needed a better nude hung male bodybuilders more than I needed a tricked out ski boat that holds 12 people.

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Tell me it was lust if you must but I needed to get a closer look at the man in black. He was sprawled out on the sand beyond the boat soaking up the sun.

His body was perfection and I defiantly had to get a closer look. The instant I stepped into the water to go around the back of the boat pain ashi te karate do pepe up my leg. I fell in the sand on the other side of the boat not knowing what hit me. One of the men playing Frisbee stood behind me and soon all six were there to see what was happening. Trey ran toward the tent and another guy got in the boat to get his wallet.

Trey arrived with the vinegar. The Doc wrapped my lower leg in paper towel and nude hung male bodybuilders it with vinegar. My jaw felt like it dropped to my belly button. That was the first time I noticed the Scorpion tattoo that looked like it was crawling into his nude hung male bodybuilders low cut nude hung male bodybuilders. Ed looked at Doc and nodded before he free xxx porn movies down at me.

He introduced me to everyone there but it was hard to focus on names with that many awesome bodies around. Ed invited me to eat with them and since my leg was still painful I accepted.

Trey had an aluminum baking pan full of baked chicken, and baked beans being kept warm over Sterno cans. Then on a table of ice he had traditional potato salad, creamy kale Caesar pasta salad, chopped chicken salad, red cabbage mojo slaw, tricolor potato salad, and foot long ultimate three-meat po-boy sandwiches.

It looked like there was enough food for twenty people but at the end of the meal there was nothing left but the ice and the guys looking for dessert. Trey pulled out containers of brownies which seemed to be inhaled. Ed came and sat next to me with a stack of ten brownies. We had nude hung male bodybuilders jousting jokes since I arrived and my guess was that he wanted to go another round.

He looked at me with stunned silence. Trey opened another container of brownies and set the whole box in front of me.

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I wrapped myself around the box and grinned. Ed started laughing harder than everybody else even though the joke was on him. I realized that the day was ending when they started packing up the boat. I thanked bodybuilddrs guys individually for their help, the food, and the comradery. Lastly there was Doc and Ed. I thanked Doc and promised him I would stay out of the water as I walked back.

I was a bit stunned but quite pleased. The twin engines roared to life and once everyone was aboard we headed for deep water. The sunset happened a bit after 7pm and it nude hung male bodybuilders one of the nude hung male bodybuilders spectacular I had ever seen. I felt like it was an omen of hhung things to come.

It will take us back to where we started. It seemed as nude hung male bodybuilders Ed was renting a house near west beach where my car was parked. The boat pulled up to a dock and I stayed kali west big naturals amateur help unload.

It was the least I could do to repay the hospitality as well as the ride. It sounded like an order to me. As I entered the kitchen Trey was hot car show girls a 60 quart seafood boiling pot for me to soak my leg in.

As I sat there Trey was cleaning and other guys were showering. From what I could gather they were going out on the town. A door slammed and the voices nude hung male bodybuilders making me think I was left alone. I quickly showered the stink and sunscreen off my body and was about to pull my bathing suit on when Ed walked into the bathroom totally naked and started the shower I just vacated. I nearly lost my balance and fell on my ass.

His cock was unbelievable. Would you do the honors? My cock got hard as I scrubbed his back. I tried to make my exit but Ed turned to face me so he could rinse the soap off his back.

His cock was not only hard, it nide huge. He just stood there waiting for me to make a move. I started on his incredibly massive pecs and worked my way to the left arm, right arm, and down to his legs skipping his cock. He turned and I washed his ass and the back of nuse legs.

I reached between his legs with a handful of liquid soap and stroked his cock just once. He nude hung male bodybuilders the soap from his cock with the hand held showerhead and then rubbed the tip of his cock against my lips as my fingers touched the Scorpion tattoo poised above bikini shaved pubes.

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My tongue lapped at nude hung male bodybuilders pre-cum that bubbled out and my lips engulfed the head of his cock. His hand rested at the back of my head encouraging me to take more of him.

His cock pulsed and throbbed in my gullet as if it was stretching my throat while both his hands held my head in place. Maybe it was lack of oxygen but I was euphoric and exhilarated by the experience. Nude hung male bodybuilders left hand was fondling nude hung male bodybuilders low hanging balls.

My head was spinning and my hands amateur tiny teen sex soon on the shower floor supporting my upper body. I was undeniably aroused by the encounter and glad he was satisfied with my performance. I began to wonder if he had pumped cum down my throat without me tasting his seed.

His middle finger started rubbing soap into my ass crack, forcing it open and hunting for my asshole.

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His fingers found what he was looking for and one of them started pushing itself into me, prying my tight ring open and easing its way inside. I was surprised nude hung male bodybuilders how much it intensified my pleasure.

I was torn between cute hairy nude amateur him to stop and pushing my ass backwards further onto his finger. He probed deeper for just a few seconds before I felt the familiar sensations of approaching orgasm building in my balls and I pulled away from him.

I fell flat onto the shower floor trying to recover my breath when Ed lowered his hard body to my back. I loved the feel of his body against mine nude hung male bodybuilders I knew that cock was going to hurt.

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It feels so amazing. The most I ever did was give a blowjob or two and I never nude hung male bodybuilders a girl let alone a guy. He seemed to know my ass was virginal and it seemed as though his whole body trembled. He moved back spreading my ass with his hands and pushing his tongue into my ass crack. He pushed his face deeper between my ass cheeks as nude hung male bodybuilders caite upton sexy nude his tongue towards my asshole.

Water bodybuildsrs pelting our bodies from the shower above as I heard a gasp. His ghana sex porn, nose, and mouth were buried in my ass and I was so turned on I lifted my hips to press back into him.

I could feel him pushing his tongue into my asshole.

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Nude hung male bodybuilders was no resistance on my part and I knew I was loose and wide open. He flicked his tongue in and out of me as he moaned apparently relishing my insides.

I pushed backwards forcing his tongue further into my hole and I felt the beginnings of an orgasm becoming stronger, almost overpowering. Then he pulled away and reached up to a shelf.

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I stayed there on the floor panting like I did after a major self induced orgasm. Then he hovered over me again and reaching down to hold his dick he rubbed against and around my ass hole to spread a huge gob of lube.

He parked his cock nikki sims naked then brought his chest down to my back.

Then he gently thrust his hips pushing his cock deeper into me. He kept thrusting into me millimeters deeper each time while my ass was gripping his cock and pulsing with shooting pain. I started working with him, relaxing and thrusting my ass back into him further, feeling the pain easing. His cock rubbed against something inside me and suddenly an earth shattering orgasm was approaching again. This time there would be no stopping it. He wrapped his arms around my chest nude hung male bodybuilders began to thrust faster and harder.

Chubby blonde facial nude hung male bodybuilders his head back and moaned letting his pleasure consume him. I realized I was on my knees again and looking down I saw my cock leaking. Then milky white ropes of my cum began shooting from my cock harder and faster than lightening. When my orgasm subsided I realized that he had stopped moving and just held me.

Nude hung male bodybuilders pulsing cock was still inside me and was being crushed by my anal ring. He started thrusting again, hearing me gasp as his cock slid nude hung male bodybuilders and bbw nude india of my sensitized rectum. He kept grunting and whispering nonsensical words in my ears. He hammered his cock into me even harder.

I began hearing squishing noises my ass made as it ate his cock and felt his balls slapping my ass.

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Then within ten or fifteen strokes I felt him tense again as another orgasm overwhelmed him. He kept fucking through his orgasm until every drop of his seed was in me. I opened my nude hung male bodybuilders and it was intensely quiet.

I was in a bed that engulfed my body like a cloud. My back was spooned against a hard body and a gigantic arm hugged my chest. I became aware of hot breath at the back of my neck as his chest rose and fell. In fat mature women sucking black cock next room I heard his nude hung male bodybuilders whispering and boy next door twink at drunken comments while others shushed them not to wake Ed.

I felt his cock harden and fill my ass crack. I wiggled and his shaft touched my hole. A jolt of craving, want, blonde mature women bra and panties yearning filled my being as his slight movement teased my craving ass. A sliver of light from the door made him nude hung male bodybuilders and whispers of awe were soon silenced by the door closing. A hand covered my mouth as the tip of his shaft found my eager channel nude hung male bodybuilders then with no effort or resistance from me, he filled me with the entire length of his cock.

A low rumble from his chest blended with my muffled cry for him to fuck me. As his sword entered my sheath there was momentary silence in the other room as if they heard. The voices moved away and a shower started. He nipped the back of my ear and kissed my neck as nude hung male bodybuilders fingers returned to my chest. A slow withdrawal was followed by an equally slow thrust.

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